Purpose or Why do we do this?​

To show the beauty God has provided in just this small piece of His creation, the United States of America

We believe that God has created this universe for His enjoyment and for our enjoyment, and that His presence is evident in every part of it from the smallest spore to the immensity and grandeur of the skies.  While His creation of the universe is for enjoyment, it also serves to beckon us to Him.  The gift of His Son, Jesus, serves to provide for us eternity in which we get to enjoy both God and His creation.  If you want to know more about God and His Son, Jesus, I suggest you obtain a Bible and read it slowly.  I also suggest you begin with a book called John and focus on chapter 3 verse 16.  That's where God boldly expresses His love for each of us.

To bring glory to God by focusing on His creation

To encourage anyone whose life is not perfect

To combine Scripture and photography to showcase God's creation

To show how the beauty of creation supports the existence of God