We have all been there:  The immediate future looks fine, but we can see a storm on the horizon.  Even though we may be aware of the problem, we may not know how to solve it.  We can worry about it, and the closer it gets, the more we might worry.  There is a solution for that, and it is called prayer, and trust, and faith in God.  In Psalm 91, verse 15, we are told that He will answer, and this implies that we do have to ask for help.  He tells us He will be with us, and He will rescue us.  Notice He doesn't say that He will remove the problem.  His promise is that He will be WITH US in the midst of the problem, and He will rescue us.  We often pray that God will remove the problem, and sometimes He does, but it He doesn't remove it, we can be assured that we will not be in the problem alone.  We will have the creator of the universe promising to rescue and honor us.  He won't impose Himself on us, but He is eager to answer our request for help.  Ask, trust, and believe--help in any time of trouble.

"When they call on me, I will answer; I will be with them in trouble, I will rescue and honor them." (NLT)

Call on Me; I Will Answer

Psalm 91:15