Psalm 26:8

Splendor and Peace

"O, Lord, I love the temple where you live, the place where your splendor is revealed." (NLT)

Yosemite National Park, particularly Yosemite Valley, is certainly one of the places David was describing in the verse above.  in this scene we have the grandeur of the mountain, the beauty of the waterfall, and the peace of the stream flowing through the valley.  God so often exhibits many of His attributes in one picture or situation.  I am constantly amazed at the combinations of His beauty that He shows throughout His creation.  As i have often said, "Creation beckons me."  It beckons me to the beauty I see, but it also beckons me to the one who created it.  He cared enough for us to create great physical beauty, but He also cared enough to provide great spiritual beauty in the sacrifice of Hi Son, Jesus, and in the beauty of the counselor Jesus promised us, the Holy Spirit.  The splendor, the majesty, the magnificence and the love of God are demonstrated everywhere, and it is up to us to experience all of them.  God expects us to experience them all.