Quoddy Lighthouse, Maine


Haven't been camping recently, so we'll go to a few of our favorite photos we have taken across this beautiful USA.

San Xavier Mission,Tucson

Bryce Canyon National Park

The Grand Canyon

If you haven't been there yet, why not?  It certainly is GRAND, and it certainly is a CANYON, a mile deep, 4-18 miles wide, and 277 miles long.  Rock layers of differing colors, steep walls that fall straight down from the edge, and cool temperatures make this a great place to visit, but realize that many, many, many other people will feel the same. Crowds along the rim, in the parking lots, and on the roads are huge during the popular summer months.  Sunrise and sunset are preferred times to visit because the bright daytime sunshine seems to wash out the colors while the early and late rays of the Sun enhance the colors, and if clouds are present, provide spectacular sunrises and sunsets.  Even though Grand Canyon may be very busy, it is a must see if you wish to experience one of God's masterpieces.

National Parks

National Parks are places set aside for people to enjoy without endangering the lives of those who live there -- the flora and fauna.  Enjoy the great beauty of the parks but be sensitive to the needs of the residents--don't get between a momma bear and her cubs.

Places or Where have we been?

Just outside Yuma

Just outside Yellowstone