Great Smoky Mountains National Park
The Smokies grace the mountains and valleys of southwestern North Carolina and southeastern Tennessee.  The mountains are covered with so many green trees that they begin to appear blue in the distance.  Often early in the morning, mists and wisps of clouds drift through and rise from the valleys to decorate the mountainsides as they ascend.  While any time of the day shows the beauty and the essence of the Smokies  “back to nature” feeling, early morning and late evening intensify the feeling, and you can almost see the log cabin and hear the fiddle sing through the valley.  Great Smoky Mountain National park is certainly a place that requires the visitor to slow down and take his/her time while exploring.  Anyone patient enough to spend just fifteen minutes streamside will find the mountain streams carrying him/her into that peaceful place that God has placed in each of our hearts.

Pride Resort
Along the banks of Jonathan Creek, just outside Waynesville, NC, lies Pride Resort, a very clean, well-kept campground.  The resort is not large, 140 sites, but it is an active place.  The activity often centers around a game much like horseshoes except that the “shoes” look like large flat washers, and the “stake” is a hole into which the players try to place their washers.  The church on site has, or at least had, an interesting custom.  Every Sunday there was a choir--a choir made up of those who answered the call when the worship leader asked at the beginning of the service who would like to sing in the choir.  Several families of ducks call Pride Resort home, and the parent ducks seem to enjoy parading their children through the campground.


Campgrounds are more that just places to park the rv or set up the tent.  Each campground is HOME for the time you are there, so be sure to treat it like home.  ie Mother always said to pick up after yourself.

Mountain Lakes Resort
From the main road, go uphill and down, literally, and Mountain Lakes Resortof northern Alabama will appear.  This is a large resort along the edge of a good-sized lake.  Judging from the number of boats and boat trailers, the lake must be well used.  I know it is well used by the large number of Canadian Geese.  There are enough geese that one has to be careful where he/she steps when walking in the grass beside the lake.  Since the beauty of these birds adds to the striking views of the blue lake, the inconvenience seems to be tolerated.  The elaborate setups at some of the campsites suggest that a few people plan for an extended stay.  The many activities--indoor pool, outdoor pool, volleyball, tennis, shuffleboard, basketball, video games, miniature golf, and a library--can keep a family of campers busy during a long stay. 

National Parks

National Parks are places set aside for people to enjoy without endangering the lives of those who live there -- the flora and fauna.  Enjoy the great beauty of the parks but be sensitive to the needs of the residents--don't get between a momma bear and her cubs.

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