Jesus Is Always With Us

Matthew 28:20b

The fountain seen in the center of this picture may be way in the back, behind trees, a pier, and a lake, but it still draws the eyes' attention.  Wherever you look in the picture you are aware of the fountain.  The presence of God's love in our lives in the form of Jesus is similar to this fountain.  He may not be in the foreground during the events of the day, but He is always there, whether we want Him there or not.  Even during those times that we may be somewhat ashamed of what we are doing, He is there, not condemning, but reminding us of His love and forgiveness.  In our daily routine when we don't think we need any help, He is still there.  When we have a bright idea that needs development, He is there, willing and able to give the help we need.  During those darkest times when we have felt betrayed by a friend or are being attacked by an acquaintance, He is there.  Anytime and every time we look for Him, He is there.  That's His promise.

"....I am with you always, even to the end of the age." (NKJV)