Rivers in Steep Places

Job 28:10

Rivers flow faster in steep terrain; they appear to be more active when the riverbed is not smooth.  The same thing seems to be true with the Christian Church.  It grows fastest when efforts are made to suppress or even outlaw the message of Jesus Christ.  I'm positive that God sees every precious effort the Church makes against its opposition, and I believe He gives extra strength and even extra abilities in those situations.  It seems that we grow complacent when there is no opposition to Jesus' message, when we can meet in our comfortable buildings, when we don't need to defend our faith.  Trees grow stronger when they battle the wind and so should we.  Like the trees, when we face opposition, when we are questioned about our faith, we often learn just what we believe and how strong we believe it.  Thank you, Lord, for giving us the words and giving us the strength when we are defending the Word of God.

"He cuts out channels in the rocks, and his eye sees every precious thing." (NKJV)