"'Come now, let us settle the matter,' says the Lord.  'Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be white as snow'". (NIV)  

Whiter Than Snow

What a great promise.  My sins are certainly red as scarlet, but God has made them white as snow.  How did He do that?  He sent His Son, Jesus, who never sinned, to receive upon Himself all the sins of all mankind, for sin has a price that must be paid.  Jesus paid the price by taking the punishment for all of us for each and every one of our sins.  The entry ticket for admission to heaven has been paid, and our acceptance into the Kingdom of Heaven is guaranteed.  But  we must do something.  We must agree to verbally accept this great gift God has given us, forgiveness of our sins.  We have to speak it out loud.  That's not too much to do for the greatest gift ever given, is it?  Once you've done that, I know I will get to know you someday in eternity.  That's right, I'm preaching because there is nothing more important than proclaiming the Good News of Salvation.  If you have accepted this gift, I'll be seeing you, perhaps tomorrow, perhaps next year, perhaps three hundred years from now, perhaps 8,365,219 years from now, I'll be seeing you.

Isaiah 1:18