Hosea 14:5

"I will be to Israel like a refreshing dew from heaven.  Israel will blossom like the lily; It will send roots deep into the soil like the cedars of Lebanon" (NLT).

My wife, Norma, and I recently watched a video of flowers backed by beautiful piano music.  We watched for about an hour, and the video wasn't finished.  I'm pretty sure we will finish it later.  During the hour flowers of all kinds, shapes, sizes, and colors were shown.  And there wasn't an ugly one in the bunch; they were all beautiful, each with its own beauty.  Periodically, one or both of us would exclaim, "Wow!"  The magnitude of God's creativity was implied and showcased in this video.  The similarities of flowers made it easy to distinguish among the types of flowers, but we discovered no two flowers alike.  Each one was individual and beautiful on its own with no flower type being superior or inferior to any other.  Each flower enriched our experience on its own.  We saw no perfect flower.

As we were watching, I realized that this great creativity of God's is not limited to flowers.  It shows up in all the creatures of His creation, perhaps foremost in man.  Yes, there are different types, shapes, sizes, and colors and the individuality within each of these types is myriad.  Even twins can be easily individually distinguished by their parents.  Each of us is an individual with unique qualities.  Just as God created no flower superior or inferior to any other, He created no man superior or inferior to any other.  Each is loved and cherished by God without any regard to age, brain power, shape, size, or color.  Each person enriches our life experience on his/her own.  That's what it means in Romans 2:11 when it says, "God does not show favoritism" (NIV).  And He expects us to do the same.  Matthew 22:39 states, "And the second is like it: 'Love your neighbor as yourself'" (NIV).  Lord, help me to follow this command of yours.

God Created Variety