I'm His Favorite, and So Are You

A new day dawns with dreams, or worries or wonder.  What will today bring?  I pray that the Lord will give you a particularly blessed day today.  May He speak to you lovingly, and may you respond in the same manner to Him.  God loves you today; He loves you every day.  You are His favorite.  I didn't say, "one of His favorites."  I said, "His favorite," and I meant it.  I didn't really understand this concept until I became a parent, and it became even more clear when I became a grandparent.  Each of my sons is my favorite, and each on my grandchildren is my favorite.  I don't know how it works; it just does.

So, as God's favorite child, how will you spend this day?  How will you watch over His creation?  When I listen carefully, I hear His plan for my day.  It's worth waiting to hear from God.  Whatever you do, I know you will spend it in the presence of God because He is omnipresent--everywhere all the time.  So, if a problem arises today, just turn to Him and say, "Help me, please."  He hears every word we speak and pays special attention to the words we pray.   Enjoy your day in the Lord's presence today, and remember, He will also be there tomorrow.

" The Lord God placed the man in the Garden of Eden to tend and watch over it" (NLT),

Genesis 2:15