Acts 8:4

As I look at the picture of Takakkaw Falls in British Columbia, Canada, I see an analogy to the spread of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  The source at the top spreads to a wider flow, which again spreads to a wider flow and finally spreads even wider through the mist created by the impact of the flows that occurred before it.  Jesus, the original source, gave the Gospel to His disciples, who spoke it in public meetings, including one group of 3000.  Then these who heard from the apostles passed the Word on to others they knew or met.  David Platt in an article, The Spread of the gospel through Ordinary believers, posted on on Oct. 1, 2017, said, "Now, what's interesting is according to verse 1, all of these people who was everybody except the apostles.  It wasn't the leaders of the church as we would picture, spreading the gospel into new places.  It was just your ordinary, average believers who were spreading the gospel into new places."  I agree with Mr. Platt.  I guess that puts the responsibility on us to spread the Gospel.  After all, Mark 16:15, in the Words of Jesus, tells us, "...'Go into the all the world and preach the Good News to everyone.'" 

And the Word Spread

"But the believers who were scattered preached the ​Good News about Jesus wherever they went." (NLT)