About us or Who are we, really?

Our 9x12 tent                                                        Our first tent trailer

We are Norma and Ed, and we have been traveling and camping since our honeymoon in 1964, a glorious eight weeks of discovery for four of us (double wedding of twin sisters) who had spent a combined total of less than two weeks west of Ohio before we were married.  Since then, Norma and I have camped in most of the fifty states and have visited all but three states.  

God has certainly given us in the USA a beautiful land.  We appreciate it and we thank God for it.  Several years ago, after retirement from teaching and school administration, much of it in Christian schools, God called us into Creation Beckons, a ministry whose focus is on using God's creation to encourage people and draw them to Him.  

We enjoyed camping quite a lot but have found the rigors of driving the equipment needed to camp more difficult, so In the last few years we have divested ourselves of camping equipment and are focusing on showing the greatness of our God through photographs of His fantastic creation.  This has somewhat limited our travel, but wo do have a catalog of thousands of pictures we took through our many camping adventures.  

Our second tent trailer                                                       Our motorhome