"Nevertheless, each person should live as a believer in whatever situation the Lord has assigned to them, just as God has called them" (NIV).

1 Corinthians 7:17

When He calls, when the Lord calls, His voice is not always the same.  Sometimes He calls through a still small voice within the heart.  Sometimes  the call is the booming voice of a "TV Evangelist."  My pastor's voice is often the calling voice of the Lord, and my wife has often been used of the Lord to call me.  The Word is an oft-used calling voice, and the words written by a Christian author can easily be the voice of the Lord.

He may use many different ways to call, but He has given us the heart and the spirit to discern which of the many voices seeking our attention is His.  A "calling" can come from our own self-serving minds or from the mind of someone seeking to mislead us, so we need to become confident that we can and do hear from the Lord.  Confirmation sometimes doesn't come as quickly as we would wish, but it will come if what we have heard really is a calling of the Lord.

I believe God calls us often; in fact, He may call us each day to the seemingly small task of encouraging a friend.  These "small" callings can be as life changing as the "big" calling to preach the Word.  The encouraging of a friend may be just the thing needed to help the friend make a life-changing decision.  It can be a word that helps someone rise from the depths of despair, or it may be the confirming word needed as assurance for a decision.

God's calling can, indeed, be to a life-change, and when this happens, excitement is in store.  It may be hard to believe these life-changing calls, but if we are faithful and patient, God will confirm His calling.  When we obey, He is with us.

 Be assured; God is calling you today.  Listen and hear what He has to say, what exciting job He has for you to do.  Whatever it is, He will be there; He won't let you on your own. 

When He Calls