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Psalm 139:14

Jesus is Lord!


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"Nevertheless, each person should live as a believer in whatever situation the Lord has assigned to them, just as God has called them" (NIV).


It is easy to see that the majestic peaks of the Tetons in the background are certainly fearfully and wonderfully made, but so are the more rounded and less majestic hills in the foreground.  The rounded hills carry the beauty of trees and grass, in themselves wonderful works of creation that are not evident in the showy crags of the Teton mountains.  All of God's creation is fearfully and wonderfully made.  In Psalm 139:14, David says that about himself.  I can say the same about myself , and so can you.  There is no one else exactly like you.  God made you just the way He wants you, and He gave you gifts of particular abilities unique to you.  No one else can use your abilities in quite the same way you can.  You are a unique person that God made so that you can fulfill His purpose for you in the best way possible.  Lord, help each of us to see our uniqueness as created by you, and help us to find and fulfill your purposes for our lives.

Wonderfully Made

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